Strategic assessment

A good international strategy is the basis for success in a foreign market. But how to create a good strategy that allows to achieve the mercantile objectives? Thanks to our knowledge of the Catalan and Polish market and its conditions, as well as extensive experience in strategic planning, we help companies build and implement customized integrated strategies that allow them to successfully enter and develop their activities in Poland or Catalonia. When formulating strategies, we place emphasis on the analysis of the macro and micro environment (strategic analysis) to identify the multiple environmental factors that may affect the company and its activity.

Strategic assessment

A detailed examination of the factors and conditions of the Polish and Catalan market in which the company will develop its activities and which are decisive in determining the possibilities of development of the company in the selected market. To analyze them we use different methods of strategic analysis. The results of all these analysis allow us to identify the threats and opportunities of the potential sector of the Polish or Catalan market.

Strategy formulation

Strategic formulation is a long-term planning process that is used to define and achieve business goals. In this field we help companies to define their goals related to the Catalan or Polish market and determine the policies and programs necessary to achieve them, as well as to establish the necessary methods to ensure that policies and programs are executed.

Strategy design

After defining the strategic objectives, the company must design a strategy to achieve them. This requires the preparation of a strategic plan that defines where the company wants to be and how it can get there. We help our members to develop a strategic plan in which we propose different actions necessary to enter and develop in the Catalan or Polish market and not fail in any of them.

Strategy implementation

​​​This phase consists of the implementation of the previously prepared plan. We support our member companies in this way, offering essential services to implement it successfully such as: analysis of the strategic changes needed in the company, analysis of the organizational structure and its adaptation to new challenges, analysis of the organizational culture and its comparison with the Polish or Catalan business culture, selection of the strategy implementation model and others.​​

Strategic control

The purpose of this last service in the strategic advisory area is to assist companies in complying with the strategic plan and verify that the objectives set therein are being achieved. For this, we propose a set of indicators to measure the results of the commercial actions undertaken in Poland or Catalonia, diagnose the degree of compliance with the objectives and, where appropriate, propose corrective measures.