Creation Of Company Or Branch

Both Poland and Catalonia offer foreign investors a set of benefits, including: well-developed infrastructure, tax reductions, subsidies, and highly skilled human resources. Here, foreign entrepreneurs can develop their economic activities according to the same principles as national entrepreneurs.

The creation of your own company or branch in Poland or Catalonia according to the current law in these two regions is the fastest and most effective way to enter the Polish or Catalan market. Other ways are the creation of a joint venture with a Polish or Catalan partner or direct or indirect export and import.

Our services

  • Help in choosing the optimal form of activity in Catalonia or Poland
  • Help in finding a Catalan or Polish partner
  • Preparing the founding act and bylaws of the company and its registration
  • Obtaining a Spanish tax number for the company
  • Company registration in the relevant commercial register
  • Legal assistance in obtaining permits and concessions
  • Legal services for corporate bodies
  • Preparing draft resolutions and other documents of the company’s bodies
  • Advice on tax law
  • Accounting services
  • Help in hiring staff
  • Help in opening a bank account in Catalonia or Poland
  • Help in renting office space with equipment and Internet access